Terms and Conditions

Back Orders:
Backordered items totaling less than $50 will be automatically cancelled.  Backorders under $75 will ship free of charge, in most cases. Backordered items that cannot be fulfilled before the end of the season will also be automatically cancelled.  All other items will be shipped when available, unless a cancellation date is specified.

Cancelling Orders:
In order to cancel current or backordered items, we request a written notice at least five business days before ship date by email, fax, or mail.  Orders can be held for a period up to six months for a 30% non-refundable deposit.  Custom or large-quantity special orders cannot be cancelled or deposit will be forfeited. 

By submitting a check to us, you are authorizing a one-time electronic transfer of funds.  All returned checks will be accessed a $30 fee.

All products sold by Icy Craft are copyrighted designs.  The designs may not be reproduced, replicated, duplicated, or copied in part or in whole for any reason unless prior written authorization is obtained from Icy Craft Corporation.

The minimum opening order is $150.  The minimum reorder is $75.  There are piece minimums based on the item; see inside the catalog for that information.  Please contact your local sales representative for your initial order and for reorders.  If you don’t know your local rep, please contact us and we will direct you to your local rep; in some cases, it may be Icy Craft.

Past Due:
A finance charge of 1 ½% will be charged per month to past due accounts.  No orders will be sent to delinquent accounts. Orders more than four months past due may be put into collection. Customers are responsible for all collection costs and attorney's fee, court costs and post-judgment interest. Jurisdiction for all legal matters is Johnson County, Iowa.

All prices are wholesale and sold to retailers for the purpose of sale to the consumer.  All prices are quoted FOB Iowa City, Iowa and subject to change without notice, although we take great care to keep our literature as accurate as possible.  All opening orders must be accompanied by a current sales tax certificate or a resale certificate.

We take your privacy seriously and can simply explain how we use it.  We may use your company name, address and phone number for our website in order for the consumer to find you.  All other information will be held confidential in the strictest sense.  We will only share your extended information with sales reps that directly generate sales for us in your territory.  We have no parent company, nor subsidiary to share information with.  We have no business partners to share information with.  In the unlikely event that we would like to share some of your information, we promise we will ask for your permission first.  We also promise to use your email address for business correspondence only.  We may email you a reminder about a nearby show, but will never use it to spam you with advertising.  You acknowledge that we may share any and all pertinent information with other venders provided by you for the purpose of determining credit worthiness.

Product Claims:
For parcels obviously damaged, please file a claim with the carrier.  All other claims for damaged or defective items should be reported with two business days of delivery.  No credit will be issued for claims made more than two weeks after delivery.  We promise to replace or credit all defective items, provided we are notified within the specified time period.

Please note that due to the manufacturing process, any and all items may have minor imperfections to them. Please contact us for details.  If we accept your return, we will send a call tag for the product.  No returns will be allowed without prior authorization and must be returned within a reasonable period, often 30 days.  All unauthorized returns will be refused.  Authorized, unmarked items will occur a 15% restocking fee only if sellable condition.  Otherwise, no credit will be given.

Orders are shipped UPS ground at cost unless specified otherwise.  In order to assist our customers loyal to Federal Express, we can ship FedEx collect as necessary, but will likely result in higher shipping charges.  Any and all orders are available for pick-up from the customer or agent, but not third-party trucking company.  Orders within 10 miles will be delivered free of charge.  Orders within 35 miles and over $500 will also be delivered free of charge. Higher shipping costs should be expected for oversized items.  Shipments over 200 pounds will always be sent via the lowest cost freight carrier.  Shipments less than 200 pounds will be sent via lowest cost carrier, whether that be motor freight or parcel carrier.  Refused shipments will still be billed for shipping costs.  Customers not from the continental United States will be required to provide a freight forwarder in most cases.  In all other cases, when product is shipped directly to foreign country, reasonable customs and handling fees will be billed to the customer.

Established accounts may receive Net 30 days with approved credit.  Some customers may receive Net 30 day terms with opening orders, provided credit is sufficient.  All other orders must be prepaid with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.  We will hold your credit card information in our system for future orders, unless you specifically forbid us.  No COD orders please.